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KBA-Metronic AG, leading provider of printing and marking solutions is presenting its two great multi-talented devices from the plastic and card sector at Cartes 2005, on Stand 3 B 39: the Genius 52UV and Universys.

The Genius 52UV offset sheet-fed printer, equipped with a varnishing unit, now displays high gloss ratings.

The UV technology is of an extremely high quality standard; it is economical and ensures process reliability in inline processes. A particularly interesting feature is surface refinement with UV varnishes, ensuring top gloss combined with excellent scratch resistance. The UV ink and varnish film is cured in fractions of a second by means of UV radiation in the printer. The printed sheet with varnish coating can be punched immediately. Printed sheets without surface protection can be laminated immediately. Print dusting powder and solvent emissions are not longer an issue at all.

The Genius 52UV is operator friendly for newcomers to offset printing as well as for professionals.

Newcomers to cards, screen printers or personalisation agencies, in particular, who have often been frightened off by the complicated nature of offset technology are increasingly overcoming their initial reservations and are finding their way into the printing field with the Genius 52UV. The concept of the KBA Metronic Genius 52 UV is tailor-made to suit the requirements of companies in which the majority of printing jobs involve small and medium-sized runs and hence it is also most interesting for well-established offset printers.

The waterless UV short inking unit ensures consistent, reproducible print quality and the lowest possible amount of run-up waste. After fewer than ten proofs the operator, who may be a complete beginner, but can handle the machine within a very short space of time, is able to produce to grade photorealistic offset prints of excellent print production quality.

Hence, by using a Genius 52UV the requirements of the market for shorter delivery times, smaller print runs and reduced production costs are all met.

Open up new business segments with the Genius 52UV

The Genius 52UV works with the waterless, anilox short inking unit with UV inks, which has proved its worth in printing individual cards and CD/DVDs. Therefore, the Genius 52UV is eminently suitable for printing a wide variety of the plastic materials such as PVC, ABS, PS, PE, PET, PC, etc. as well as cardboard and paper in thicknesses ranging from 0.1 to 0.8 mm .

The machine prints 8,000 sheets/h in the conventional 36 x 52 cm format.

The areas of application are multifarious, ranging from safety printing such as cheque and credit cards, and includes hard-wearing mouse pads, price labels and weather-resistant plant stickers, adhesive labels, lenticular lenses or advertising posters. All of them markets that have been served by classic screen printers to date. Using UV inks means that the printed sheets can immediately be further processed and the job throughput time is significantly shortened.

Aspects of simple operation

Automatic plate changing ensures accurate register and time-saving plate mounting. The short inking unit of the Genius 52 UV provides significant advantages in terms of time when changing inks.

A complete change of jobs is possible within about five minutes on the Genius 52UV; thanks to the automatic plate feed all print units are equipped with new analogue or CtP plates. For beginners there is the possibility of starting out with analogue positive or negative waterless printing plates. Printers who already have CTP can image waterless printing plates with the majority of image setters. Furthermore, the customer can choose from a variety of plate systems.

Universys: Modular all-in-one personalisation system for plastic and paper cards with new types of application

The right address: simple, fast and secure

The Universys is a fully automatic personalisation system for individual cards to be personalised by means of pin numbers, barcodes, serial numbers, scratch-off fields as well as personal data. In addition, it is of course possible to process other applications such as special tickets for lotteries and competitions. The security system protects value-bearing products reliably from unauthorised view. The integrated picture processing system for verifying serial and pin numbers, as well as the optional test element for scratch-off fields, guarantee the required data and production safety.

Power lies in transformation

The crucial advantage of Universys lies in its modular design at a very good price/performance ratio. Owing to the dynamic adaptability to varied output ranges, the system provides flexible solutions for specific individual job quantities and can easily adjust to future quality and safety requirements.

The five standard segments of the Universys are: Separation, rotation, inkjet printing, hot stamping and stacking modules.

RHP-1: the rotary hot-stamping unit makes personalisation even faster and safer with the Universys.

Universys, the modular system for personalising cards made by KBA Metronic, is now available with a rotary hot-stamping unit (RHP-1). The advantages of this technology are obvious: Compared to a conventional hot-stamping procedure the production speed can be significantly increased by using a rotary unit.

At up to 240 prints per minute the output of the Universys, equipped with an RHP-1 can now be compared to using a labelling system. The RHP-1 brings down production costs owing to lower material costs compared to labelling.

Furthermore, a so-called park function has been integrated to raise the RHP-1, facilitating convenient foil exchanging. Conversion to various foil thicknesses can be carried out quickly and simply.

The RHP-1 has been optimised for typical card personalisation requirements with scratch foil or holographic applications.

Process optimisation with RFID, an extremely versatile technology

The process whereby an increasing number of companies are enhancing customer and supplier loyalty – and thus also their profits – is known as Radio Frequency Identification, in short: RFID. Contact free via radio frequency, they supply information concerning throughput and retention time, as well as about the goods or the specific material itself, about origin and destination.

If visitor passes are equipped with this innovative technology, access controls become faster and more secure. Such events as congresses and trade fairs can be handled more efficiently. It will soon be possible to produce these applications on the Universys.

Owing to the modular nature of the Universys it is possible to integrate other units, such as a labeller or a magnetic strip coder.

The main application is the gift card sector (customer loyalty cards) as well as membership cards with magnetic strips. Card materials that can be processed are, for example, PVC, ABS as well as paper in thicknesses ranging from 0.25 to 0.8 mm.

The KBA Metronic sales team will be happy to advise you on the different systems at our exhibition stand.

We are looking forward to seeing you at Cartes 2005, stand 3 B 39


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